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"Get out of town!"

Ana Belaval, WGN

You'll get a great show. Count on it.

Scott Green's magic baffles doctors, engineers, attorneys, scientists, professors, CEOs... okay, everybody. He's a regular presence on Chicago television. And because he's an award-winning comedy writer, you know his show is seriously funny, packed with highbrow situational humor. 

That means you get an amazing, hysterical, clean show for your event. Imagine how much fun your group will have watching Scott perform original feats of magic and mind reading. Imagine normally serious people gasping for breath because they're laughing too hard.

Scott gets along great with all crowds, and is especially talented with white collar groups. He earned his J.D. in 2009, passed the Bar, and decided magic was a more honest way to fool people for a living.

He's been a full-time magician ever since, working his way from being Michigan Avenue's best-educated street performer to corporate boardrooms and thousand-seat auditoriums. He lives in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with his wife and two young children.


"That was unbelievable!"

Richard Roeper, Fox

Available Shows


Social Close-Up Magic

Get your guests mingling. Perfect for cocktail hours or any other social environment, I'll perform for small groups for a few minutes at a time.

The magic happens in your guests' hands and minds. Playing cards violate the laws of physics. An image jumps from one postcard to another. I read thoughts as if the words were written on your guests' foreheads. The whole time I keep your guests engaged, laughing and speechless.

But they're only speechless for a moment. When I move on to perform for the next group, their magical interaction with me will spark conversation, and their evening becomes all the more enjoyable.

Length: Customized to suit your needs


The Parlor-to-stage Show

Whether after dinner or as a stand-alone performance, your guests will be immersed in this baffling, hysterical, clean magic show and thank you afterward for a one-of-a-kind evening.

Solid wood blocks pass through one another. A picture drawn by an audience member matches a duplicate that's been out of my hands all show. I simulate the sawing-a-person-in-half trick with a table knife and a spoon. 

For smaller events, the show scales down to fit a living room or restaurant party room. For larger events, it scales up to fill an auditorium stage.

Length: 45 minutes or customized to suit your needs

Scott Green, Magician-At-Law

Want something different for your law firm, law school, judges' group, public interest firm, public defenders' office, etc.? Scott earned his J.D. and passed the Illinois Bar in 2009 and this is the comedy magic show only a lawyer could perform.

For your group, Scott will perform hilarious magic themed to the life of an attorney: billable hours; legal research; unreasonable clients; the long hours; legal minutiae; and more. Scott will even prove he's memorized every word of Black's Law Dictionary.

Despite the focus on legal matters, this show is also a hit with non-attorneys, so it's great for the firm's family party. 

Length: 45 minutes

Scott on TV


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"That was terrific! How the heck did you...?"

Pat Tomasulo, WGN


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