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I'll amaze your guests.

I'll make them gasp. I'll make them laugh until they cant' breathe.

And we'll all have a great time.

Magic is better when constructed with principles of comedy.

The stronger a trick's setup - the more impossible the feat is shown to be - the crazier the audience goes when the magic of the punchline delivers.

I'm an award-winning comedy writer. I maximize this principle with my magic. That means big fun for your guests.

I'm also a former attorney, which means I challenge assumptions and find creative approaches. 

Your guests will feel all of that when they watch me perform. 

That's why my clients made me #1 on Yelp. It's why I'm a regular on Chicago TV and why I'm a featured lecture at international magicians' conferences.

So let's make sure your event is remarkable and really, really fun. Call me at (847) 361-0924, e-mail, or fill out my contact form here.

"He's an Irish Devil."

Pat Tomasulo, WGN

(Pat's at least half wrong about me)


"What is HAPPENING right now?"

Richard Roeper, Fox Chicago

Featured Videos

As Seen On


WGN: St. Patrick's Day or Eight Patrick's Day? (with Pat Tomasulo)

Fox: Houdini's Halloween message (with Richard Roeper)

ABC: Million-To-One Personalized Envelopes (with Stacey Baca and Diane Pathieu)

Live show: The Impossible Bicycle

Available Shows

The Parlor-To-Stage Show

This hysterical, all-ages show is perfect for your event. It shrinks to fit home parties and expands (with larger props) to fill event halls and auditoriums. I'll baffle your guests with hilarious original magic and reconstructed classics.

Social Close-Up Magic

Get your guests mingling. Perfect for cocktail hours or other social environments, I'll perform brief shows for small groups. Everyone gets a chance for the magic to happen in their hands or have their mind read. I get your guests engaged, laughing and talking so your event is a blast.

Scott Green, Magician-In-Law

Want something different for your law firm or law school? I earned my J.D. and passed the Illinois Bar in 2009 and this is the comedy magic show only a lawyer could perform. And despite the legal theme, the show also plays big with non-attorneys, so it's perfect for the firm's family party.


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