Blowing up the basic magic show

Scott Green is a very clever, funny performer... Gloriously goofy!
— Genii Magazine
I’m flummoxed... that’s amazing!
— Richard Roeper, FOX Chicago

Get a better, funnier, more surprising magic show

Want to get raves for planning a great event? Book the magician who gets raves for performing great shows.

"So much charm that you can't help laughing," says Genii, the world's largest magicians' magazine. "He's an Irish devil," says a stunned Pat Tomasulo, host of WGN's "Man of the People," after another of Scott Green's incredible live TV performances.

Scott puts the "show" in "magic show." Get more than "just tricks." Scott will amaze you and leave you suspicious of the laws of physics. You'll also feel surprised, compelled, and excited as you sit on the edge of your seat, eager to see what happens next.

And Scott's shows are funny. So, so funny. But then again, Scott's an award-winning comedy writer, so that makes sense. Your group will start laughing in the first 15 seconds of the show and won't stop until well after it's over.

With an act this fun, you can bet Scott's schedule fills up. Reach out today so you don't miss out.

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How much fun?
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As Seen On

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Take Your Kid To Work Day on ABC (3:43)


Eight Patricks' Day on WGN (2:23)

The Egg Trick on Fox 5 Washington, DC (4:33)

Eight-million-to-one envelopes on ABC (2:16)

Scott performs at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood (4:42)

Scott’s original take on a century-old prop (4:23)

Houdini's Halloween message on FOX (3:20)

Quick card trick on WCIU (0:53)

Live show: The Impossible Bicycle (6:05)


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Get the show that's been a smash hit in venues of all sizes, from 1,000-seat theaters to the 58-seat Parlour of Prestidigitation at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood to living rooms in lakefront condominiums. 

Your guests will be surprised and amazed. They'll also laugh until they can't breathe. Scott's mix of original magic and mind reading is interactive, so the audience becomes an integral part of every performance. It also means no two shows are alike—it's like the performance is just for you and your guests.

This show is typically 45 minutes but can be shortened or lengthened to fit your needs. 


Mobile Close-Up Magic

Perfect for cocktail hours or events where your guests will be mingling. Scott will walk around and perform short 5-10 minute shows for small groups. Effects are interactive and participatory—your guests are an integral part of the magic, and no two performances can ever be the same.

What sorts of things happen? The Statue of Liberty appears on a postcard after your guest signed her name on it. Another guest is able to sort a deck of cards into red and black—without looking at the faces. Another guest has his mind read four times, each a more diabolical feat than the last.

Perfect for events where you'd like to give your guests something to talk—no, scream—about. Performance minimum is one hour.



Corporate Spokesmagic

Join Scott in creating something custom.

Maybe Scott's working at your trade show booth, generating leads for you with magic that illustrates your business's features. 

Maybe he's on stage at your company event, introducing your new product or feature with magic. 

You and Scott will talk about your goals and he'll put together the right magic for you. An award-winning comedy writer and the author of the acclaimed Excellence in Family Magic, Scott is a talented magic creator and script writer who can create what you need—and maybe what you didn't even know you need.


Scott Green

Scott Green 2017_21.jpg

In 2009 Scott Green graduated law school and passed the Illinois Bar. That same year he was named one of the 100 best young writers in America. Naturally he became a professional magician.

Nationally known in his industry, Scott has a reputation for creative, original presentations that keep audiences on their toes. Scott is invited to magician conventions as a featured lecturer and performer; his 2017 book, Excellence in Family Magic, established him as an expert. His professional credits include dozens of live TV appearances and the most prestigious venue in the world for performing magic, the Magic Castle in Hollywood.

Scott and his wife live in Chicago's Lincoln Square neighborhood with their two young children, who love watching Daddy's shows. An avid game show fan, Scott has been a contestant on both Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? and The Price Is Right.


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